How It Works

How MKTG-Tools Manages Your Cart

To get started, you choose which digital marketing services you would like to offer to your clients. We have paired content to go along with each service to make it easy to plug and play these services into your business. 

Next we take the time to build your shopping cart for you (4-5 business days). You can add this shopping cart as a sub-domain to your current website. We ask for a marketing email address from you to communicate with your clients. 

We have a full circle staff that handles each phase of each service and promptly returns completed work back to the client. We can provide you back with all completed work so that you can communicate to your client or we can.

When do we receive our commissions?

MKTG-Tools will generate a report email month about each service your clients have paid for and then will issue you your commissions between the 7th and 10th of the following month.

Step 1: Services

Select which services you want to offer to your clients!

Step 2: Design

Choose from one of our pre-made themes or customize your own!

Step 3: Implementation 

Connect your new shopping cart to your page and start earning 25% on each
service that your client selects

View A Sample Cart