For services you can select any or all of the services that we offer. This includes Search Engine Optimization packages, Facebook Ads, and Google AdWords. There are a number of features that are included with each service.

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Search Engine Optimization

  • Blog writing services, customers can choose either one 1000 word blog per month or two 500 word blog posts per month.
    • A blog form for your customers is included as well
  • A free SEO audit form that will give customers an audit report which will include:
    • On page SEO analysis
    • Off page SEO analysis
    • Keyword research and rankings
    • Top priority keyowrds
    • Final remarks and suggestions

  • SEO intake form
  • Sample Reports - Various reports and analysis for you to display for your customers, such as:
    • On page optimization checklist
    • Competitor back-link analysis
    • Monthly analytics client report
    • And more!

Social Media Management - Indicative Process

  • Initial Month:
    • Initial Skype Briefing
    • Complete and agree on Social Media Marketing brief
    • Social media platform analysis and recommendtions
    • Content creation for platforms as required
    • Graphic design
    • Captions
    • Meeting to review and approve content
    • Direct marketing for all platforms where required

  • Regular Monthly Work:
    • Month end report of the campaign is generate3d one day after the last post is scheduled
    • High engaging areas are identified and are added to content strategy
    • The next month content strategy is initiated immediately after the first post of approved
    • Calendar goes live
    • The content is sent for review and approval
    • The approved calendar is scheduled accordingly

Facebook Ads

  • First Month Inclusion:
    • Initial Breifing
    • Complete and agree on Facebook Advertisement brief
    • Facebook page and ad account access
    • Create Pixel for Conversion Tracking and apply to the website where applicable
    • Set up campaign and Ad Sets
    • Create Ads – send for quality review
    • Campaign made live following approval
    • Internal Daily Review & Adjustments of Campaign Per Month
    • Weekly reports (First month only)
    • Month end report (Every month)

  • Regular Monthly Inclusions:
    • Setup new campaign
    • Ads sent for quality review
    • Internal Daily Review & Adjustments of Campaign Per Month
    • Monthly Reports

Types of Facebook Advertising Direct ads

  • Brand awareness
  • Traffic (Facebook page/Website)
  • Page Likes
  • Retargeting
  • Store traffic (Brick and Mortar)
  • Reach
  • Video Views
  • App Installs
  • Engagement (Page/Post)

    Facebook (ads only)

  • Facebook Custom Audience
  • Email/CRM List
  • Facebook Pixel data
  • Instagram (ads only)

  • Page engagement data
  • Video Viewers
  • Post Visitors

    LinkedIn (ads only)

  • Email list
  • CRM list
  • Insight Tag data (ads only)

Google AdWords

Our AdWords Process

    On Initiation

  • We send a briefing document for the client to fill in
  • We will run an AdWords audit to get a feel for the industry’s AdWords particulars
  • Set up campaign and campagin parameters as per the brief
  • Create Ad Groups
    Create all content and send it for review. This includes:
    • Ad groups and Keywords
    • Initial ad copies with split testing
    • Structured snippets
    • Extensions and Sitelinks
    • Images for display campaigns if necessary

    Client Reviews and approves

  • Final elements are set up and go live
  • Management
  • Statistical reviews
  • Ongoing optimization of ad copy, keywords selection, negatives, bids
  • Monthly reporting, including advice (around quality, score, etc)
  • Implementation of new Google features

Our Responsibilites

  • Initiate the process to get appropriate information to setup a competitive campaign
  • Setup campaign structures professionally and to brief
  • Prepare campaign content for review and send through Basecamp for approval
  • Implement approved campaign copy to specification
  • Setup all conversion functions to ensure clear measurement of results
  • Report results accurately each month
  • Manage/optimize accounts to conversions using
    • Split testing
    • Negative keywords
    • CPC optimization o Improvement in quality score recommendation
    • Other AdWords techniques and recommendations
  • Work together with the client to optimize the outcome of the campaign


  • AdWords is search marketing. It only sends traffic to your website
  • Your website is often the key to conversion, changes to which are outside a vanilla AdWords campaign
  • An AdWords campaign is limited to the stock of search volume. While a limit, typically this limit exceeds the budget
  • PPC traffic is cash expensive, usually a business’s ability to use PPC is limited by cashflow
  • An AdWords campaign’s effectiveness ends once the search traffic hits the website, there is no nurturing of prospects etc.
  • There is no residual or enduring benefit of an AdWords campaign. Ads disappear once a campaign hits budget. Listings disappear once a campaign finishes. It just ends.